10 Years Celebration

Hi All,

Today it’s a 10 years celebration. Not the celebration when I started blogging, but the celebration of me switching from a microblogging website as Blogger to a self-hosted website like this one.

I can remember the first post about that, and then posting on both of them

10 Years… I’m not top results in Google search, not a multi-billion views with tons of ads website or specialist or journalistic website neither.

I’m not using SEO tools, never decided an editorial line, just sharing everything and nothing. Just a window of what I’m interested in.

At first, it was only for my travels, posting pictures, big cloud options weren’t a thing and it was pretty messy to share souvenirs from your holidays, trips to others. The idea behind was a journal, that family could follow, in case of. Roaming was expensive, 5/10mn every day using wifi hotel seemed to be the right choice back then. But digital photos are a false good idea. You tend to take way more shots than you need and posting becomes a nightmare. Slow connection, bigger and bigger files…

After that, I would have loved to share work-related articles, but again, a new trend appears with technologies: Information leaks. And NDAs come into play. I think the worst was when Influencers get the right to leak information, with PR benediction, and still, you can’t say, can’t test, can’t write about something for the next 5 years. Google, Microsoft, Toshiba, Ubisoft, Sony, HTC, Intel, Nintendo, EA, Orange, Acer, SFR, and so on… Tons of material for great articles… And still, not possible. I think it was a frustration, explaining why I didn’t fuel the blog or just decided to post Press Media articles.

Anyway, there is no publicity on this blog, I’m no more link to a company, I am only under 2 NDA that will end at the end of the year so even if you find this website by luck, I will try to create more material for it, maybe fill the holes here and there, and put a more professional polish feel to it.

No promises, but maybe my website deserves a 2.0 variant.

Stay tuned and see you for 20 years’ celebration post.

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