Yeps, I am now a MVP Mi Explorer!

Dear Mi Fans,

As you know, our Mi Explorers 2020 edition faced the biggest challenges since the creation of the project: Because MWC was canceled, we had to stop the trip to Barcelona and then decided to send the phones to our Explorers and give them one month to test the phone and complete their missions, but then the whole world went into lockdown.

However, despite all the problems they faced, they always kept a good and positive attitude and they have become really close friends despite never having met each other. All of them give their best effort to produce amazing reviews despite not being able to go out of their homes! And we can proudly say that they produce some amazing content showing their skills and letting other Mi Fans know more about our latest flagship, Mi 10 Pro!

Because the phone they were testing was a prototype, they had to give it back on the 30th of March and we wish we could give them all the final version, since for us they are all winners! However even if we are only giving 8 phones away this time, we will continue our collaboration with all of them in the future!

So want to know who are the MVPs of each category?

Here they are with only some of their amazing reviews (and only some because we got A LOT of content from all of our Explorers):


-Amer Nour

Marco Kammradt


Krzysztof Hirak

Ivan Sytyj


Mike Hilger (Yeps it’s me ^^)


Guillaume Lauer

Hanjo de Veth

Ryan Cleary

Congratulations to all and thanks for being such an incredible crowd!
Stay tuned for further news on our Mi Explorers program!

Are you the next #MiExplorers?

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