It was not an April Fool

Hi Mi Fans,

1rst of April, Xiaomi said they will launch a rocket with inside 50 greeting cards of Mi Fans and Rice Noodles.
Back in time every thought it was an April Fool among a lot of them.

The ”Xiaomi No. 1 Rocket” which Xiaomi called ”The first recyclable rocket for young people”

It was not an April FoolIt was not an April Fool

Guess What…. It wasn’t.

The Xiaomi 1 rocket has a total length of 27 meters, a diameter of 1.6 meters and a flying height of 35 kilometers. It uses a super-thrust engine matrix of up to 640 kN. Support mobile phone (Mi 9) remote control, can be launched with one button, and can be automatically recycled.

Inside the 50 greeting cards printed with the Mijia Photo Printer
It was not an April Fool

Here some photos

the Greeting cards
It was not an April Fool

The Take off
It was not an April Fool

Really Xiaomi ? 🙂
I’m sure they will use this take and launch a smartphone in space (less expensive than a car for sure)
A Redmi Note 7 ?
Or maybe they have already done that. Who knows


The link to the Mi Community article:

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