Ubisoft Store Launches Custom Six Siege Figurines

A new line of Six Siege figurines rolls out today, and here’s the best part: each one is fully customizable. Beginning with Finka, Alibi, Smoke, Capitão, Ela, and IQ, fans can pick an Operator, choose one of several Operator-specific poses, and deck them out with a selection of different outfits, weapons, and headgear to create a figurine that’s uniquely theirs.

Available in four different sizes – mini, small, medium, and large – the figurines range from 1/40 scale (about 2” tall) to 1/13 scale (about 7” tall). All sizes except mini also feature customizable bases, with the option to add a plaque with a brief personal message. On October 12, six more Operators will be added to the roster (although they’re a secret for now), along with additional special skins that will be available until November 2. Another six Operators will arrive on November 18.

Available exclusively to US and Canada residents through the Ubisoft Store, the figurines are 3D-printed on demand, and range in price from $24.99 USD to $99.99 USD, depending on size. More Operators are coming soon – to start customizing an Operator of your own, check out the official store page, and for more on all things Rainbow Six, visit our dedicated news hub.


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