Bringing the power of AI to consumer’s hands with Snapdragon 888+.

AI, or Artificial Intelligence, is one of the heroes of the Snapdragon® 888+ 5G Mobile Platform, working behind the scenes to transform your device into a professional-quality camera, gaming system, and more. Take a look under the hood and you’ll find more than 20% AI performance upgrade compared to the previous generation and the astounding 32 TOPS that enables the Snapdragon 888+ to run multiple neural networks simultaneously.

To dig into what AI really is and how it works in a device, Ziad Asghar, VP, Product Management, Qualcomm Technologies, sat down with Jaime Rivera and Joshua Vergara of Pocketnow to talk all things AI, Snapdragon 888+, and answer a few questions from Snapdragon Insiders.

One Snapdragon Insider was curious if AI could increase security, such as in a situation where one’s data was being unknowingly collected. Ziad enthusiastically said this application of using AI to reinforce other technologies is exactly the kind of innovation Qualcomm Technologies is focusing on. AI can actively monitor what is happening on a device and act as a second line of defense, however Ziad also noted that all Qualcomm Technologies products are designed with security as the foremost priority.

Another Snapdragon Insider asked the question that’s on every user’s mind: how will this make my battery last longer? Specifically, they were curious if it is possible for AI to truly disconnect all background processing to solely focus energy onto whatever task a user is actively doing. Ziad pointed out that this question is a perfect example of exactly the kind of task AI is good at performing. By developing a cohesive image of the user, AI can smartly recognize when to mute unused processing, like turning off Wi-Fi when the user is driving.

Lastly, Joshua Vergara was eager to learn more about Snapdragon 888+. Joshua was curious, as the 6th generation of Snapdragon processors, what this latest edition was bringing to the table. Ziad shared a true Snapdragon Insider reveal, which is that the team at Qualcomm Technologies refer to Snapdragon 888+ as “The Beast.” Ziad pointed out that Snapdragon 888+ is just an all-around great product, and its capabilities can be felt across all functions. With the combined power of Snapdragon 888+ and AI, Ziad said users can get a combined 32 trillion operations per second. All we can say is…Wow.

Ziad also noted some things he’s most excited about in Snapdragon 888+. For instance, the profoundly intelligent entertainment. Features like real-time translation of in-game chat for seamless collaboration and 35% faster graphics rendering compared to the previous generation transform your gaming, taking you to a whole new level of play.

The professional-quality camera is also something Zaid was really excited about. He explained how AI can enhance your images by recognizing individual aspects within the frame, such as subjects and backgrounds, and optimizing the camera’s functions for crystal-clear image capturing.

Snapdragon 888+, or “The Beast” as Ziad calls it, is a truly exciting product that is changing the game for 5G and smartphones. Ziad, Josh, and Jaime had an exciting discussion about the real-world applications of AI and the power of Snapdragon 888+. Catch their full conversation on the podcast or watch a shorter filmed cut.

What would you have asked Ziad about AI? What features of the Snapdragon 888+ are you most excited about? Join the discussion below.

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