MediaTek’s i500 AIoT platform delivers a Smart Cooking Experience to consumers

New June Oven designed with MediaTek’s i500 AIoT platform delivers a Smart Cooking Experience to consumers
MediaTek’s i500 brings powerful computer vision, advanced multimedia and fast Wi-Fi to the third-generation June Oven

MediaTek today announced that the company’s i500 AIoT chipset platform is the main processor inside the new June Oven, a twelve-in-one countertop convection oven. MediaTek’s i500 has a dedicated AI Processing Unit (APU) that executes June’s sophisticated AI algorithms designed for precision cooking.

“MediaTek’s i500 platform helped us to achieve our vision of launching the third-generation June Oven and to bring to consumers an elegant, easy-to-use and full-featured cooking appliance,” said Matt Van Horn Co-Founder and CEO at June. “Thanks to MediaTek’s excellent ecosystem support in the U.S., we were able to design this revolutionary product that seamlessly integrates computer vision, AI and voice-assistant technologies to deliver new and exciting cooking experiences.”

June Smart Oven Experiences

June Smart Oven is a revolutionary countertop oven designed for homes, offices and restaurants that upends the current state-of-art. It makes cooking incredibly simple and fun by utilizing Computer Vision and other AI technologies. Some differentiating use cases of June Smart Oven –

  1. Automated Cooking – Food Recognition selects optimal cooking temperature and duration, Cook-Programs and Recipes that have been specifically designed for the June by June’s Culinary Team and applies these instructions automatically.
  2. Integration of voice-assisted technology – Alexa Voice Service. You don’t even need to be in the kitchen or near your device to ask when June will be done cooking your dinner. This tool is especially helpful for an active community of visually impaired owners that can now cook with their June with the help of voice-assisted technology.
  3. Cooking notifications via Wi-Fi can be sent to devices when cooking is almost complete and when food is ready.
  4. Share video of food being cooked with friends and family – coolness factor and being able to showcase cooking skills.

“The June Oven is a great example of how MediaTek’s AIoT platform delivers powerful edge AI processing, advanced multimedia capabilities, fast connectivity and voice assistant support in a highly integrated and power optimized package,” said Mohit Bhushan, VP and GM of US Business Development, MediaTek . “From enabling smart ovens and microwaves to smart speakers, fitness equipment and TVs, MediaTek is ushering in AI everywhere – in the smart home and beyond.”


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