CSRtech 2020: Xiaomi join Orange

On December 3rd, Xiaomi joined Orange in organizing the “3rd CSRtech Innovation Demoday”. The Demoday is the first CSRtech event after the outbreak of COVID-19, which caused a global crisis underlining the significance of green recovery and sustainable development. According to the WWF report, at the current rate of consumption of resources, human beings will need three planets by 2050. This urgent situation demands immediate action. As important stakeholders, large companies and institutions have a social responsibility to promote CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) for the sustainable development of the world. Therefore, this Demoday gathered leading domestic and foreign companies, investment and financing institutions, NGOs, and social innovation institutions to discuss CSR in the post-COVID era, while seeking innovative solutions and new value-created business models, and believing that innovation and technology can improve the present, and impact the future.

CSR is engraved in the DNA of Xiaomi Corporation. Since its establishment, Xiaomi has been continuously building amazing products with honest prices to let everyone in the world enjoy a better life through innovative technology. Back in 2013, Xiaomi started embedding accessibility features into its products and turning it into a standard procedure. Currently, Xiaomi Mi TV and numerous Xiaomi apps are also implementing and optimizing these features. Xiaomi also opened numerous artificial intelligence job opportunities since 2018 to people with disabilities, including visually impaired or physically disabled, and insists on equal pay for equal work. In September 2019, Xiaomi announced the world’s first integration of early earthquake warning system functions in MIUI, Xiaomi’s smartphone operating system. These functions allow alerts to be sent to smartphones and Mi TVs seconds before the earthquake waves arrive. This year, Xiaomi was among the first internet companies to react to the pandemic in Hubei province, donating and delivering critical medical supplies to more than 30 hospitals in the area. Besides combatting the pandemic in China, Xiaomi actively fought to help address the global emergency and made large donations of medical supplies, including masks, protective suits, and ventilators, to more than 30 countries around the world.

Moving forward, Xiaomi will continue to work with its partners to promote sustainable development and strive towards achieving the impossible.

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