MediaTek Joins MLCommons

MediaTek Joins MLCommons as a Founding Member to Advance Artificial Intelligence Standards
New engineering consortium of global brands cooperates to accelerate machine learning innovation

MediaTek today announced it’s a founding member of MLCommons, a newly formed engineering consortium of global brands working together to advance machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) standards and measurement.

MediaTek is a founding member of the consortium alongside other recognized leaders in ML and AI, including Google, Microsoft, Facebook, Alibaba and Baidu. MediaTek will share its AI expertise with MLCommons to support standard AI frameworks and measurements across industries and to improve the end user experience on MediaTek powered devices.

“AI applications are growing in popularity, providing people with better access to information and opening up new possibilities for healthcare, commerce, education and more,” said MediaTek Corporate Executive Vice President & CTO, Kevin Jou. “It’s important for MediaTek and our AI industry colleagues to work together to set AI standards that support best practices and accelerate innovation in this space. The MLCommons consortium is dedicated to achieving these goals by applying world-class expertise and community developed standards across AI solutions.”

MLCommons is uniting the industry’s leading experts, technologists and academics to develop and share public data sets and best practices for ML and AI. MediaTek helped design the first ever MLPerf AI benchmark for mobile devices this year, and submitted outstanding results for the version 0.7 submission round. MediaTek’s 5G Dimensity system-on-chip (SoC) delivered excellent performance on tests for AI tasks, achieving the best score on two of the four standard benchmark models. 

“MediaTek has made significant contributions to the MLPerf Mobile suite and community, and to the implementation of DeepLabV3 – our segmentation benchmark,” said David Kanter, Executive Director of MLCommons.  “We are excited to welcome them to MLCommons as a founding member and we look forward to their continued support and collaboration on future projects.”

MediaTek powers more than two billion devices every year and is committed to continuing to make substantial investments in AI performance and machine learning across platforms, including smartphones and smart home devices like TVs, smart speakers, routers and smart health and fitness equipment. As an industry leader in AI semiconductor solutions, MediaTek fully supports MLCommons’ mission to improve AI standards and create broadly accessible development practices and resources for the benefit of customers, end-users and society at large.

MLCommons is an engineering non-profit under the leadership of Peter Mattson, a founder and president of the Board of MLCommons and an engineer at Google where he leads the Machine Learning Metrics Group, and David Kanter, a founder and executive director of MLCommons who is a semiconductor, computing and machine learning industry veteran. MLCommons has successfully assembled a 50-plus founding member company group of machine learning experts in academia, software, hardware, electronics and product innovation.


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