Rabbids Time Machine Ride Is 2014s Best Attraction

Strap in and keep your arms and ears inside the car at all times. The Rabbids “Time Machine” theme park ride at Futuroscope recently won the ‘Outstanding Achievement’ award at the Themed Entertainment Association’s general assembly. That may sound like a mouthful, but to put it simply, the ride was recognized as one of the top attractions in the world!


It’s only the second time a ride from a European amusement park has won the prestigious award and they are certainly in good company with other previous winners including “Space Fantasy, The Ride” at Universal Studios Japan and “Star Tours” at Walt Disney World. “The Rabbids Time Machine” has fast become one of the biggest draws at Futuroscope, France’s second-largest amusement park, helping to increase park attendance by 15% more than 200k people since the ride launched.

Rabbids Time Machine

“It is the first time that a video game has gone as far as becoming an immersive and innovative experience in an amusement park,” Jean-Julien Baronnet, CEO of Ubisoft Motion Pictures points out, adding that this ride “is at the heart of Ubisoft’s strategy of developing brands with a 360° view (TV series, comics…).”

So what amazing things will you see if you step into the Rabbids”The Time Machine?” Opened in 2013, it showcases the Raving Rabbids in a three-dimensional time traveling story, taking kids and adults from the beginning of mankind to the present day, while honoring Futuroscope’s tradition of simultaneously fun and educational attractions.

Rabbids Time Machine

As M. Hummel, CEO of Futuroscope, explains, “The collaboration with Ubisoft made it possible to put forward a new form of entertainment and to celebrate the French Touch in the field of entertainment for all.” This is also a landmark achievement for Ubisoft Motion Pictures, which was created in 2011 to bring Ubisoft’s franchises to TV and movie screens and produces the successful Rabbids Invasion TV series.

If you are dying to get to Futuroscope, you can find all the information you need and take a glimpse of the crazy Rabbids adventure on their website – make sure to turn on the sound, you wouldn’t want to miss the “Bwaaahs!”

Rabbids Time Machine


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