4K Experience: New Laser game changer

Xiaomi develops a true game-changer for the 4K laser projector industry

Laser projectors have become a popular alternative to traditional televisions for their ease of use, long-lasting light source, and the cinema experiences they enable. Despite the popularity of projectors, few consumers are able to obtain these high-end products due to their excessive price tags, but Xiaomi is out to change that.

Xiaomi’s brand philosophy is deep-rooted in the belief that high-end products should be accessible to all consumers, which is why the company is committed to relentlessly pursuing the development of quality products at honest prices. Xiaomi’s Mi 4K Laser Projector 150” keeps to this promise with its affordable pricing and premium level specs, including its multi-port connections, premium audio, and Advanced Laser Phosphor Display 3.0 (ALPD 3.0).

To learn more about the latest category trends and product innovations, we sat down with experts from Xiaomi and Formovie – the ecosystem company behind Mi 4K Laser Projector 150”.

Reinventing Content Consumption with Cinema-Grade Technology

Xiaomi and its partners are committed to making advanced technology accessible to everyone. With this philosophy in mind, the team developed Mi 4K Laser Projector 150”: a premium product designed for today’s movie watchers consuming entertainment experiences at home more than ever before – not just due to the global pandemic, but because we are living in a golden age of quality content.

“Major players in the projector sector are releasing high-end laser projector products, but most are priced over $6,000, well out of reach for most consumers who want a high-quality product at a reasonable price,” said YongSai Lai, CEO at Formovie.

“The projector’s ALPD 3.0 technology has achieved breakthroughs on color accuracy and color spectrum – and its unique color wheel technology ingeniously solves the issue of thermal quenching in conversion phosphors,” said Xiliang Wu, vice president of Formovie. Meanwhile, Mi 4K Laser Projector 150” leverages a high-density laser that enables high-conversion efficiency for a more stable and reliable viewing experience. 

This ALPD 3.0 technology, self-developed by Appotronics – parent company of Formovie, has been widely applied to digital cinemas and other theaters in China. Its unparalleled color accuracy and advanced color spectrum bring a true cinema-grade experience to consumers, all from the comfort of their own homes.

Outside of this revolutionary ALPD 3.0 technology, Mi 4K Laser Projector 150” boasts other premium features such as its compact, and easy-to-install design, Android TV 9.0 system with built-in Google Assistant*, and 30W dual full-frequency + dual high-frequency speaker system with Dolby and DTS-HD decoding support. 

An Accessible Home Theater Experience Without Compromise

When developing Mi 4K Laser Projector 150”, product experts and engineers from Xiaomi and Formovie set out to develop a product that was a true industry disruptor, pushing the boundaries of design and addressing many shortcomings of current projectors in the market. 

“We’ve found that many projectors in the market either use unverified Android builds or don’t come with a smart system and that can really impair user experience,” continued YongSai Lai. Without a built-in smart system, users have to seek out alternative solutions to access smart features on their projector, and in an age where consumers are used to having content right at their fingertips, access to smart features such as Google or YouTube are key to the success of the product. So Mi 4K Laser Projector 150” set out to change the game. 

“Mi 4K Laser Projector 150’’ addresses many shortcomings of home theater systems,” said GuoFang Liu, product manager at Xiaomi. “We specifically designed the heat dissipation system to make it more efficient, and designed the soundbar to achieve a best-in-class audio experience.” In fact, the sound quality on Mi 4K Laser Projector 150” is so outstanding that it can even be used as a standalone speaker for music, podcasts, or other audio-driven content.

A Bright Future Ahead

By scaling the 4K laser projector sector and offering devices such as Mi 4K Laser Projector 150” at an accessible price point, Xiaomi is pioneering the category’s future. And they’re only just getting started. 

“We will continue to explore more projector form factors such as portable projectors with a battery, micro projectors with high brightness, ultra-short throw ratio projectors with higher color gamut, and continue to explore touch, interactive, 3D and other technologies in greater depth,” said GuoFang Liu.

*Android, YouTube, Google Play, and other related marks are trademarks of Google LLC.

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